Me and My Fear

The taste of my fear was in every new meal 
So familiar to me and always seemed real 
It dulled all the colours and robbed all the shine 
It hid in the shadows but stole every line 

It deadened the heartbeat of every new zeal 
And killed all the joy I ever dared feel 
It rattled the cages and closed a dark drape, 
Though the door was swung open, I dared not escape 

It drowned out the noise of the true voice within 
And broadcast a white noise of static and din 
So I wouldn’t know them or tell them apart 
From longings and yearnings that came from the heart 

It reasoned and teased all the magic away 
And replaced it with facts and with fiction all day 
It needed an answer but left me with none 
It told me I couldn’t, yet demanded it done 

It gave no direction and gave me no choice 
It didn’t like anywhere it couldn’t make noise 
It made it the master and me the poor slave, 
It would have followed me up to the grave 

So I shake its hand now and say “hey good game” 
I know you just wanted to help all the same 
I know this is all that you know how to do, 
Your job is fulfilled, I’m scared and that’s true 
But please step aside now and just go to sleep 
We’ll be here a while and there’s no need to freak 

I’ll take a turn now, to sit at the wheel, 
There’s so much new stuff here to do and to feel 
You have no directions, you just drive around 
And every trip ends in a new lost and found 

It’s my turn to drive, so hold on tight, fear, 
It might be a real bumpy ride while I steer 
I know this may feel very scary and strange 
But at least we can go somewhere new for a change.