I want to go used up..

When I go, I want to go used up, nothing wasted, nothing missed 
Not a fat fruit, hidden in the middle of a thorny bush, 
Over-ripened and rotting on what was once it’s own plump potential 
Drunk on it’s own juice, saved for no occasion. 
I want life to suck me dry ‘til there’s nothing left 
But dry bones and weather-beaten skin. 
I want to meet every person where they are and not where I want them to be 
And welcome them there wherever that is and invite them in to wherever I am, 
If only for a moment 
I want to learn to see beyond my eyes, hear beyond my ears and perceive beyond my thoughts
The things that cannot be seen or heard or perceived with this machine 
I want to grasp the hand of inspiration that is always outstretched, 
though we can’t always see it though the fog